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Lecture "Automated Reasoning (4+2) 9LP" (SS 2008), course number: CS571



April 15th, 8.30am, Lecture Hall HS002, Building E1.3.

When and Where

The course takes place every Tuesday, 08.30 - 10.00 and Thursday, 10.15 - 11.45 in lecture hall HS002, Building E1 3. There is no lecture due to public holiday on May 1st (Labor Day) and May 22nd (Corpus Christi).


Basic knowledge in theoretical computer science, in particular in logics.

Exercises and Tutorials

The list of tutorial groups and the exercise sheets can be found here.


The script and other literature used in this course can be found here.


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Don't forget to register with HISPOS between 04/28/2008 and 05/16/2008 since we are unable to do this automatically.


There will be an intermediate, a final, and a supplementary exam. All participants must take part in the intermediate exam and in at least one of the final and supplementary exams. Please bring your student identity card to the exam. (For further information on the exams and the grading system, see below.) 50% of the points of the exercises are required for participating in the exams.

Dates of the Exams:

Exam sheets:


Certificates (Scheine) can be picked up in Roxane Wetzel's office (MPI, Bldg. E1 4, Room 157) in the week from 11-03-2008 until 11-07-2008.


The total grade for the course is the weighted average of the grades of all the exams in which one participates:

If one takes part only in the final exam:

Intermediate exam:     25%
Final exam: 75%

If one takes part only in the supplementary exam:

Intermediate exam:     25%
Supplementary exam:75%

If one takes part in both the final and the supplementary exam, the better grade from either final or supplementary will be selected.

Intermediate exam:     25%
Final exam: 75%  OR  Supplementary exam:75%

For passing, the weighted average must be better than 4.1. As an exception to the rules above, the following combinations of results are sufficient for passing (with a grade of at least 4.0), even if the weighted average is worse than 4.1:

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