Automated Reasoning – Written Examinations


Written examinations in the Automated Reasoning course: All participants must take part in the intermediate exam and in at least one of the final and supplementary exams. (For further information on the exams and the grading system, see below.)


Both the final and the supplementary examination cover the following sections of the lecture: In other words, 2.13 ("Neuman-Stubblebine"), 2.16 ("Other Inference Systems") and Part 4 ("Implementation Issues") are excluded.


The total grade for the course is the weighted average of the grades of all the exams in which one participates:

If one takes part only in the final exam:
Intermediate exam:     25%
Final exam: 75%

If one takes part only in the supplementary exam:
Intermediate exam:     25%
Supplementary exam: 75%

If one takes part in both the final and the supplementary exam:
Intermediate exam:     25%
Final exam: 25%
Supplementary exam: 50%

For passing, the weighted average must be better than 4.1. As an exception to the rules above, the following combinations of results are sufficient for passing (with a grade of at least 4.0), even if the weighted average is worse than 4.1:


For all examinations, participants must bring the following items with them: Student card; passport or identity card; pen, stylus or pencil.

All examinations are "open book": Participants are allowed to bring with them any written material. Loose sheets must be marked by the owner's name. We recommend to carry with you in particular the slide copies and the tutorial exercises and solutions. (As a rule of thumb, if you have never used a certain book for the tutorials, then it is unlikely to be useful to you during the exam.)

Electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, PDAs, calculators, are not permitted.

Examination sheets

Intermediate exam [English/PS] [English/PDF] [German/PS] [German/PDF]

Final exam [English/PS] [English/PDF] [German/PS] [German/PDF]

Supplementary exam [English/PS] [English/PDF] [German/PS] [German/PDF]


The results of the supplementary exam have been sent to the participants by e-mail.


The certificates are ready. You can get them in Brigitta Hansen's office (AG2 secretary, Bldg 46.1 (MPI), Room 602).

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