Lecture "Unix for Advanced Users" (WS 2007/2008, 2+1, 5 CP)

Time and Venue:
Lecture: Mondays 16:15-18:00, Bldg E1 4 (MPI), Room 024,
starting October 22, 2007.
Tutorials: Tuesdays 16:15-18:00 (not every week!), Bldg E1 4 (MPI), Room 024.

Uwe Waldmann <uwe@mpi-inf.mpg.de>


Practical experience with a Unix system, in particular with the shell interface; basic programming knowledge.

Slides and other course material

Exercise sheets


The written exam took place on March 6, 2008, from 13:00 to 15:00 in Bldg E2 5, Lecture Hall 1.

Exam sheets [PS] [PDF]

Exam results have been sent to all participants by e-mail on March 17. If for some reason you did not receive any notification, please drop me a note.

Exam inspections:

Exam certificates can be picked up at Roxane Wetzel's office (Bldg E1.4, Room 157) or at the exam inspection.

We offer an oral re-exam for the course. The re-exam is available only for participants who took the written exam and failed; the possible results are restricted to "pass" (4.0) and "fail" (5.0). The re-exam will take place in the first week of the lecture time, probably in the afternoon of April 17 (exact date to be announced). If you intend to take the re-exam, please register before April 9 by e-mail.

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