Unix for Advanced Users – Suggested Readings

Reformatted slides

Section 1 [PDF] [PS]
Section 2 [PDF] [PS]
Section 3-5: [PDF] [PS]
Section 6-7: [PDF] [PS]
Section 8-9: [PDF] [PS]
There is no script for Section 10 ("Efficient editing").

Other material

isocommented.txt ISO-8859-1: Character list and comments.
The Open Group Base Specifications.
UNIX shell differences FAQ [Brian Blackmore].
csh programming considered harmful [Tom Christiansen].
Commented shell scripts: yless, fdiff.
A guide to Unix shell quoting.
The script qecho is useful for experimenting with shell quoting.
perl-intro.txt Commented logfile of a perl demonstration.
European style calendar program (Exercise 11.2).

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